Friday, July 15, 2016

June 28

Just the Highlights:
Tuesday was our group's last day in London, so we spent the day exploring and spending time with wonderful new friends!
  1. Saying hello to Peter Pan
  2. Exploring Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's love story at Kensington Palace
  3. Wandering through Hyde Park
  4. My friend India realizing that the music we could hear in the distance was actually Coldplay doing a sound check for their performance later that night, so we sat on a bench in the park until they stopped playing!
  5. Enjoying tea and scones for the 100th time!
  6. Going to at least three different book stores and looking at all the wonderful books
  7. Accidentally, ending up in a very upscale bar and ordering the most expensive cocktail of my life!
  8. Having dinner with friends at our favorite restaurant, Bill's Restaurant Shoreditch
Peter Pan
A Smoked Margarita

Bill's Shoreditch

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